Using the IR Promotions Module

How to set up the first link between the IR Platform and the GMC and so that your promotions can all be created within the IR platform, and seamlessly sync's with your GMC.

Firstly, let's head into the Promotions Manager module: 

Once in the Promotions Manager module it'll initially need to be setup with a Promo Feed;

Click on the side panel pull-out for Promotions Export Feeds

Click New Promo Feed button

And setup your required Promo Feed with your Partner Feed selected and export credentials 

Click OK 

Now we can get started creating a Promo. Give the Promo a name, click Add

You'll then be directed through the Promo setup wizard. Here you can choose to either go for the full promo setup, 

or a Basic Promo

Either way, you'll need to select the Feed the promo is to be active on:

Selecting the full promo option you'll step through the wizard with certain promo options

Give the promotion a title (if you haven't already, back at the Get Started screen)

Fill in the Promotion Id (required!), then select other settings as required for the promo

You can either select All Products for the promotion, or select Specific Products and simply drag n' drop the products required in the promo

Then give the promo a final review (note: the review can be in three separate sections, if you've chosen particular products, be sure to scroll through each review section);

Then click Save (scroll right to the bottom of Review page!) 

Your promo will then be visible in the Promotions Manager dashboard. You're able to go in and edit it by clicking the edit pencil icon the corner of the promo widget (note: you won't be able to edit the Promotion Id. For this you'd need to create a fresh promo)