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  • Data Management
  • Data Connector
  • Experimentation


Basic Data Management

  • Data Validation and Data Quality Score - How to check your data is valid and complete before then using the DQS to optimise it
  • Rules and Product Data Manipulation - The best way to use our rules tool to dynamically amend your data and other manual manipulation techniques
  • Segment Builder - We'll show you how to segment products based on any combination of feed attributes and performance metrics. These segments can then be used across the app in various tools
  • Create labels - Easily create and manage your labels using your product segment
  • Apply exclusions - Quickly remove products from your feeds using your product segment


Advance Data Management

  •  Advanced Labels - Incl. Ordering & Nesting, Margin, Partner Specific Labels
  • List Manager - Creation and Application of lists incl. Best Sellers, Colour & Size Translations
  • Advanced Rules - Else/Else If, Scheduling, Rule Ordering & Import/Export of Rules
  • Rule Controller - Key functions such as Proper Casing, Rounding, String Split etc



  • Why to run experiments
  • Our experiment types
  • How to set up
  • Title Optimisation Experiments
  • Image Optimisation Experiments
  • Product Type Optimisation Experiments
  • Analytics - Baseline & Head-to-head analysis