Using the product finder allows you to search for individual SKUs or a list of them, and quickly see which data sources they are in and why they might be missing from one of them

The product finder is the easiest way to search for any unique ID and check which feeds the ID appears/does not appear in. Please note this can only be used for the Unique ID as it appears in the masterfeed and cannot be used to search other IDs such as Grouping Keys (at the moment 😀)

The Product Finder can be located under Data > Product Finder:


In the Product finder you will see a search bar in the top right-hand corner where you can type or paste any single ID or list of Ids. All lists of IDs should be comma separated such as the below:


EXAMPLE 1 (without IDs Added)



EXAMPLE 2 (with IDs Added)


Once the Ids are added click search and this will show each ID, and which feed the Id appears in. If the ID is missing from a particular feed, the reason will be displayed under the feed name and potential exclusion rule which you can click through to from this screen: