What is and why should you use it?

This service allows you to end us information on your products, and inventory levels - both online and instore.

The Guid to use with the API should be your merchant GUID located in Setup > Merchant in our portal.

What will you need from IR to get started

You will need to create an account in https://developer.intelligentreach.com/ and subscribe to the PIM Sync API here.  Once you have done this please notify our support team and they will authorise you and setup credentials for you to use to consume the API.
Information about the API
The API uses REST as the format and the documentation is located here.
If sending large amounts of data use sensible page sizes (recommended max 5000), and gzip compress for best results.
You can use the get methods to test results.
When sending products to us you can send either product as parent (with nested variants), or as variants only.  The Meta field is dynamic so you can send any valid json within.