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Marketplace Hijacking Process

When hijacking an marketplace, we will follow the below steps to get the client live and active on the Intelligent reach Platform

Account Set-up and Testing:
1: Receive the login credentials to the marketplace channel we will be connecting to

1.1: If the marketplace has a staging/test/pre-production environment we can connect to, we will also receive access to 

2: Confirm that the Unique ID values, (and Grouping Key values if present) used in the marketplace match those in our system

3: Build out the marketplace feed, with data that aligns to the live marketplace account (including variant data and product grouping if products are grouped). Including building the Real-time Quantity feed

3.1: If the marketplace does have a test account available, connect to the test account API, and begin pushing the data to the channel. Start working through marketplace errors

4: Test the order piece, either via local orders manually created in the Intelligent reach system, or test order created in the marketplace test account if a test account is available

5: Once orders are successfully being processed by the client's system, test the order status piece, and confirm that the status updates are exporting to the IR platform.

5.1: If the marketplace only accepts certain marketplace values, confirm which carrier values the client uses, and set-up the marketplace carrier code conversion

6: If the product feed is ready, and the order piece testing is complete, we will be ready to connect to the live account. 

Hijack Process:

1: Confirm which day we will be able to proceed with the Hijacking Process

1.1: If there is a previous integrator, they will also need to confirm that they can disable the connection from their side on that day

2: Once we receive confirmation, we will organize a early morning call on that day to confirm that we proceed with the hijack. We will also set-up a call that afternoon, to ensure all parties are aware of how the hijacking process went. Email notifications will also be sent as each step of the process is complete, and if we run into any issues.

3: We will set the store to holiday/vacation mode, to take it offline, and request all outstanding orders to be processed, and for any previous connections to be disabled.

4: Once complete, we will manually set all products to 0 quantity in the marketplace, and set our system to only import orders after the current date.

5: And connect to the live account marketplace API to run the initial data syncs

5.1: If we encountered any marketplace errors, we will relay this issues with the relevant teams. We will maintain the store on holiday mode until the issues are resolved, unless the client requests the connection to be reverted.

6: Once the data is syncing to the live account, we will take the store off, enable regular data syncing in the IR platform, and request the client to place a live test order, and process a dummy order status update

7: If the order testing was successful, the hijack will be considered complete, and the account will be live.