Lead Submission Process for Akeneo

How do akeneo sales reps submit leads for authorisation by the IR Partner Team?

Complete the Form

1. Akeneo rep needs to complete the lead form

2. A confirmation email sent to key stakeholders on both IR and Akeneo Partner Team.

3. Leads submitted are automatically pushed to shared google sheet for Key Partner Team stakeholders to have visibility

4. IR Partner Team will review the lead within 48 hours, ask for further information if required and accept or reject the lead based on if the lead is an existing customer or prospect.

5. IR Partner Team will confirm if accepted or rejected: they will forward the lead submission email to the Akeneo Sales Rep, and cc'ing the Akeneo Partner Team, Rejected reason will be included if applicable.

6. Lead status will automatically update on the shared GG sheet, if rejected the reason will show as well.


Happy selling 😀

The IR Partner Team