Trouble Shooting Rules

What steps should you go through when troubleshooting rules not working as needed

Check rules at the Master Level first

The IR Platform has rules at different levels of the data flow through the system. Rules can be set at a Master Data level, these rules apply on the Master feed and as such they will then affect ALL of your Partner Data feeds. So if you want changes to apply to all, create Master feed rules.

When troubleshooting issues with rules or content being changed/sub optimal for a specific partner make sure you check at the master level first to ensure the change is not taking place there.

Use the tooltip on the Product viewer to find the specific rules manipulating that data attribute

If you use the Feed info tooltip in the product viewer (at a master and partner level) you will see what rules are applying to each column of data (as well as other useful info). You will see on the screenshot below, that it shows the number of rules as a hyperlink. Click and you will get just those rules on the rules list view.

Rule Order: How rules apply

It's important to understand that the standard rules at either a master or partner level apply from the top down on the rules list view, with each rule having an order number on the far right hand side. So any rule built in the rules manager with show like this.

Best practise Tips: Create wide ranging content optimisation rules at a Master not partner level so all channels benefit. Ensure all labels run in the label manager, promos in the promo manager and keep the standard rules for more complex data optimisations. 

However when you use the Label Manager, Promo Manager or Experiment module these can also create rules which are displayed in the rules list for information purposes. They cannot be edited on the rules view, if you need to edit them then please so this on the individual tools themselves. When you first set up your source data in the IR platform, using the Master Feed Wizard, you may apply some auto fixes to the data. These also show, but this time first in the list, on the Master rules. Again you cant edit or move their order. (for obvious reasons 😀)

NB: Rules created in the Label and Promo Manager run last after all the other rules have run. Auto fix rules created in the set up wizards run first. Orders cannot be changed.