Shopify API Integration with the IR Platform

This article outlines the setup necessary to integrate the Shopify API with our platform.
Using the Shopify API avoids issues that can come from scraping, helps to maintain (in some cases increase) the high quality of your data, and helps with efficiency. Therefore, Shopify API integration should always be the goal when dealing with Shopify sites.
The Shopify client/site owner/admin needs to do one thing, create a ‘Private App’. This is how we gain access to the data.

Create ‘Private App’

Here is a link to Shopify’s walkthrough for creating a ‘Private App’:
1. From the Admin page, go to Apps.
2. Click on ‘Manage Private Apps’.
3. Create new ‘Private App’ by clicking on ‘Generate API Credentials’.
4. Complete the form.
We use ‘Products, variants and collections’ so make sure it is set to at least ‘Read Access’. We also need the same level of access set up for Inventory:  so Read/Write Access
For marketplaces:
Products, variants and collections: Read/Write Access
Orders, transactions and fulfillments: Read/Write Access
Customer Details: Read/Write Access
Once done, click save.
5. Once saved, it will provide ‘Authentication’ information. Please provide us the information for all fields in this section.
6. Once the authentication information is sent over to us, pat yourself on the back. You are all done!