Mapping Categories to a Partner's Category structure e.g.TradeMe

A quick tutorial on how it’s done:
1: Enter the “data” section and choose “category mapping”, then selected “TradeMe” from the dropdown box.
Merchant Category: This is the category you have given for your products
Intelligent Reach Category: This is the internal category mapping we do, from which all channels draw their own categories
TradeMe: This is the category that TradeMe is mapped to.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The TradeMe listing is linked with the Intelligent Reach Category and cannot be changed from its “template”. You can update the template with the click in the [ ] icons.
That means that, in the above category, the Books > Manga | Books > Manga | Books > Comic books > Manga, trying to change the TradeMe category to, as a hypothetical example, “Books > Comics Books > Japanese Art” will automatically revert back to “Books > Comic books > Manga” as that is the default template associated with the IR category.
This is a slight double edged sword as on one hand, you only need to fill out the IR category and everything in the Trade Me category will automatically update. However, sometimes Trade Me categories are much more specific than our listings, which means we need to either add more categories in, or simply put it in the most broad category. If new categories need to be made, we can do that on our end but for the most part our categories are about the same level of broadness as yours, so we are unable to be more specific. If the TradeMe category is not accurately matched to the IR category, you can change it then press the tick between the [ ] icons to update that template, which will feed through anything mapped to that IR category too.