How to Install Bridge for Magento 2

Step 1: Install the Bridge

Upload "bridge2cart" folder from this archive to your store root directory

Note: For Wordpress (WooCommerce, Shopp, WP e-Commerce) or Joomla (AceShop, JooCart, VirtueMart, MijoShop) e-commerce plugins the "bridge2cart" archive should be uploaded to the root directory where your CMS (Wordpress/Joomla) is installed, not your e-commerce plugin directory. This can be ignored for Magento installations


Step 2: Set the Permissions

Set the permissions as following: 

   "bridge.php" - 644 and the right file owner (the one that is the owner of other store files, for example  www-data)

   "/bridge2cart" folder - 755 and the right store directory owner (the one that is the owner of other store directories, for example  www-data)

During this step, if Marketplaces are not within the business scope, the permissions can also be set to restrict the Bridge access just to the Product Catalogue. 


Step 3: Test the Bridge

To check if the Bridge files are working correctly, enter address line: http://[yourstore url]/bridge2cart/bridge.php in your browser.

If you see “BRIDGE INSTALLED.Version: <current bridge version>” the bridge is working correctly.

If not, please update permissions for items mentioned above once again.



We strongly recommend to turn off redirects on your site to ensure the connection of the Bridge files is successful.

To check if you need to turn off the redirect, follow this link "http://[yourstore url]/bridge2cart/bridge.php" and if you find that it is redirecting, you should disable redirects in your .htaccess file.

It's a hidden file residing in your "shop" folder