How to Group feeds using Partner Feed Wizard

This article will take you through the steps needed to Group a feed and replace the ID being used within the Feed

Feed grouping is commonplace in social and display based, particularly where the activity is more focussed towards Prospecting, as opposed to Retargeting. This is largely because during a prospecting exercise, the customers' size is not known, therefore it makes more sense to recommend a particular Colour of a product as opposed to a specific size. 

In order to Group a Partner feed, please first ensure that you have mapped in the value called 'Grouping Key' at Master Level. This should contain an ID that represents the "grouped" or parent product. In most verticals, this is most commonly an ID that represents a specific Colour of a product.

Once you have confirmed this field, please follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to the Partner Feed Wizard

2. Select the Partner you wish to Group and then Select 'Settings from the below menu options:



3. Change the Grouping Level from 'Child' to 'Parent' and then click Save

4. Navigate to the Product Viewer

5. Create a rule to replace the feeds ID with the corresponding ID. This will most likely be the same Grouping Key value that was used in the Grouping process: