eBay Guaranteed Delivery - EDG setup

eBay Guaranteed Delivery Highlights:
  1. Fast, reliable fulfilment for millions of orders, many of which already ship for free
  2. Shoppers will be able to filter search results based on delivery speed (2, 3, 4 days) – sellers with same day, 1-2 day dispatch should enable eGD to highlight their already existing fast postage to buyers or risk losing visibility
  3. Over 50% of eBay.com.au purchases are currently delivered in 4 days or less, with this % likely to increase as we start backing delivery dates
      1. Apt for sellers who already have same-day or next-day handling
      2. eGD options include Express (1,2 or 3 days) and Standard (1,2,3 or 4 days) – These days include handling and therefore will work best for sellers who can ship same-day or next day.
      3. eGD goes live this week and impacts search as buyers can filter to view only eGD listings
 How to enable:
  1. Sellers need to enable eGD speeds within the eBay postage rate tables/business policies
  2. Sellers need to send ‘shipping service’ name and not ‘Other’ in tracking fields
  3. Sellers can enable metro regions or regions closest to them to start with, but more the better so their offering is visible to buyers all over AU.
 Supporting Documents Attached:
  1. Help Pages: https://sellercentre.ebay.com.au/guaranteed-delivery%20 . New postage rate tables help page if need be as eGD is set up within the new rate tables - https://sellercentre.ebay.com.au/postage-rates-table
  2. PDF: Highlights benefits of eGD
  3. 100 new zones: Excel doc with eBay 100 zones mapped against postcodes. eBay still can’t do postcode level postage but the 100 zones have improved the level of granularity a seller could have tremendously. Special postcodes/LVRs are similar to PO boxes which can be excluded within business policies.
Info for IR team:
  1. Seller can set up eGD speed per zone within the new postage rate table – eBay now has 100 zones to choose from
  2. If seller is setting up a new biz policy for eGD, they will need to make IR aware of the shipping profile ID
  3. Chris Wight will be the main eBay POC for enterprise accounts wishing to provide eGD