Add 3rd party tracking appends using the Partner Feed Wizard

Most of our users want to track their product level marketing activity within their “single source of truth” analytics platforms. See how easy this is to achieve now using the tracking step of the Partner Feed wizard

For most of our customers they need to add tracking appends to all of their marketing activity so that is tracked at a product level and gives the most granular insight within their chosen “single source of truth” view. This is most often a platform such as Google Analytics (free or 360 paid versions), Adobe (previously omniture) or IBM Coremetrics. We have templates for all of these platforms making the job a lot quicker for you.

Take a look at our How to video below, or scroll further for written instructions on how to use this valuable tool.


  • In addition you can use add custom tracking appends. You can also use our free tracking appends as well so you can see key metrics within the IR platform but if you have our Data connector product then this is probably less important.
  • You can use any of the attributes within your master data set to dynamically populate these very granular appends at a product level. For instance you may want to show the click has come from Google, it’s a dress and the SKU is 123456.
  • Remember to preview the links to make sure you are happy with their format. You can come back and edit these tracking settings at any time in the future.
  • If you do not wish to add any tracking appends then just click the skip button at the bottom

So lets get into the detail and in this example we will add Google Analytics appends.


  1. The IR platform knows which values are required and which are optional. It also knows the exact format of the analytics platforms requirements, is it post or pre append or both.

  2. You can add free text values or you can choose from the drop down to add attributes from your feed, each variable can be encoded separately.

  3. You can also encode the entire URL and add Find & replace to any of the values, which is especially useful when you have multiple appends and you may need to change a ? To a &

  4. The tracking manager allows you to add more than one append, so you could have Google Analytics, Adobe and a custom tracking append all in place should you so wish :)

  5. By default the tracking template will apply to all products but you can change this using the segment builder on the right hand side to have different set ups for different groups of products.

  6. Then click update Feed preview to see how the links will be added and validate them. If you need to make a slight change then please just do this and then rerun the feed preview.

  7. Once you are happy then please click the Save button to Save your tracking. Don’t forget to make sure that the appends you want in place are toggled to enabled.