Intelligent Reach API for Orders

Intelligent Reach developer portal



  • Create API keys in old app, no need for a valid email (here is the article for it
  • Pass the API and Secret key to clients IT
  • Clients IT need to sign up in the developer portal
  • Clients IT will do all the programming on their end
  • Show client’s IT how to do the order testing in our platform (test account if it’s a big client)
  • When setting the marketplace live, do the end to end testing with just couple of listings
  • Turn on the sync for orders
  • There is no proper settings to check if they use our API, except to check if there is a API user or if we have clients API added to company options
  • Partial Refund and cancellation is possible if they use our API else they need to do it directly in the marketplace platform or use their API
  • Here is a link with insight about all marketplaces: