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How to Set-up Marketplace Product Syncing

A guide on how to set-up Marketplace Product Syncing, from the Product Viewer Feed Builder

Set-up MarketplacePublish Company Option

When a Marketplace feed is set-up in the Intelligent Reach system, we can enable data syncing from the platform to the Marketplace by setting up the company option:

MarketplacePublish = True

Company Options can be set-up under Setup > Advanced Options:

Advanced > Company Options:

Add a new option:

And add the option MarketplacePublish = True, and "Ok"

This will enable the system to run a Marketplace Synchroniser task for a Partner Marketplace feed, after the feed is refreshed.

Set-up Build Scheduler (Automatic Exports)

Once the company option is set-up, you can set-up the Build Scheduler to ensure the feeds are being refresh and exported on a build schedule.

Under Data > Data Visualiser

You can view and edit the build times in the Build Scheduler

And add new build times:

Note: They run in the Local time for the account:

Run a Manual Feed Export

You can also run individual feed exports via the Data Visualiser

Open the Data Visualiser, under Data > Product Viewer:

Scroll down to the Partners, and select the Build Partner button for the feed you would like to export:

Publish: Export the latest data updates in the feed

Force Full Publish: Export all product data in the feed

Force Refresh Inventory Feed: Export all inventory data from the Realtime Quantity Feed

Select which export method you would like to use, then 'Run Selected'

You can also run the same feature for all feeds in the account, using the 'Build & Publish All Partners' button, and selecting the relevant publish options.

Pause Marketplace Product Syncing

If you want to disable marketplace syncing for a specific feed, you can also disable Automatic and Manual Marketplace Syncs via the Data Visualiser

Under Data > Data Visualiser

Under Partner Data, you can select 'Pause Publishing' for any individual feed:

And select 'Pause Publishing':

The Feed will then be paused, and can be resumed at any point in the future:

This can be useful when you are integrating onto a new channel, and are in the process of optimizing the marketplace feed, before committing to pushing the data, or the client has requested feed updates to a marketplace to be disabled.