How do I Hijack eBay listings?

This process is only needed if the account we are taking over is not linked by SKU.  You can tell this by looking at the custom label in eBay backend and seeing if its editable.  If its editable (i.e. blue and underlined) then its listed by Listing ID and you need to do below.  Otherwise its listed by SKU, so just need to make sure our Unique ID and their Custom Label match.

Note 1: This process is meant to be performed before uploading any items to eBay and setting the eBay authentication token. If you ahve uploaded items before, and not linked correctly, then do a "Reset" for the marketplace in our platform so that we can reset the link. 


Note 2: The UniqueID in our system needs to match the "Custom Label" value if specified.

Start off by requesting a feed download via eBay. This is done by logging into the client’s eBay account, and opening the following URL:
Enter the following settings in the form:
  • Listing and Records
  • Download Format
  • Date Range
    All Active Listings
 Then Save
Image of the Page:
Once you have the file, you need to set it up so that you can match it to the Master Feed. Use the eBay/Listing ID and SKU to connect the primary and secondary feed.

Note: This won’t work for multi variants, as it cannot list multiple listings

Then for the Merchant Master Feed, map the “eBay Product Reference ID” field to be the eBay Listing ID in Map Fields
Check that the listings match as you would expect.
Write a rule on the eBay Partner Feed:
If “eBay Product Reference ID” is populated,
Replace “eBay Item ID” (Partner Only Feed) to “eBay Product Reference ID”,
And replace “eBay Product Reference ID” to empty (IMPORTANT).

Finally you can setup the eBay Authentication Token and push the Partner Feed to eBay like you normally would.
This will hijack the listing IDs and create new listings for those that didn’t match.
After this process is complete, inform Andrew to run a tool to delete any products in eBay that don’t exist in the IR Platform. 
Important Note:
Please make sure both these options are not set to "False" else our system will delist all the products and you will lose history in eBay.