How to filter products from the PIM Sync API

This article will guide you through how to apply filtering to the PIM Sync API data before it reaches the Platform

Applying filtering to the PIM API data for any account within the IR Platform relies on adding an additional parameter to the Feed Location that is specified in the Source Feed Manager.

By default, a PIM API dataset will fetch from a URL that looks like this:{PIM GUID}/Products

In order to apply filtering, we must apply a condition like the below:{PIM GUID}/Products?query=p.meta.{attributeName}='{attributeValue}'


It is important to remember that because this is a HTTPS location, it will need to be presented with the query parameters encoded, like the below:{PIM GUID}/Products?query=p.meta.ValidProduct%3D%27True%27

To do this for your data you will need two things; both of which can be accessed by downloading a copy of the PIM Data:

attributeName - this is the name of the field from within your PIM API source feed

attributeValue - this is the value of the products that you want to import to the Platform

NOTE: Remember that the attributeValue should be for the products that you want to include, not exclude.