How to connect your Akeneo PIM to Intelligent Reach

You must have an Intelligent Reach (IR) merchant setup before you can start the Akeneo App Connection process .


  1. Login to your Akeneo PIM Account  
  2. Search for the Intelligent Reach App  
  3. Select ‘Connect’  
  4. You will be directed to 
  5. Login to your Intelligent Reach account  
  6. Please toggle browser to
  7. On the Intelligent Reach Import Connector setup screen, you will need to select your Intelligent Reach merchants  - these merchants will share access to the Akeneo Import Connector  

8. Select ‘Grant Permission in Akeneo’  

9. You will now be directed back to the Akeneo Authorisation process

10. You will need to grant Intelligent Reach read-only access to your PIM data

11.  When you have granted permissions in Akeneo, an authentication token will be generated

12. Intelligent Reach will securely save the Akeneo authentication details (token) and link it to your Intelligent Reach merchant(s)

13.  Once the token is saved, the Akeneo data can be imported to create your Intelligent Reach Source Feed and Master Feed

14. Intelligent Reach will setup Akeneo import schedules to import your PIM data every 15 minutes

15.   Intelligent Reach app does not manage or update any of your PIM data -  to import your PIM data into the IR platform, we only require read-only access