How To Add IP Proxy To (S)FTP Exports From The Platform

If a destination FTP requires IP whitelisting, it is important to enable the IP Proxy following the below steps.

With the recent move to supporting Containers within our Feed Build infrastructure, it is now more important to export from behind our IP Proxy when an FTP location requires IP whitelisting. This is because the Container infrastructure will randomly assign IP addresses from a pool of IPs that is too large for a client to whitelist. 

First and foremost, please ask the Client/Partner to whitelist the below IP addresses, removing the information in brackets before sending:

Once the IP addresses have been added to the whitelist, in order to enable the IP Proxy, please navigate to the Merchant in question and then go to:

Setup > Advanced Options > Advanced > Feed Options

Once you are in this menu, use the dropdown to Select the relevant partner feed: 


Click 'Add New' and then enter the below information into the dialogue box that appears:

Name - CompanyPartnerExportUseClientIpProxyOverride

Value - True


Click Okay and then Save. You're done! Test the export to the FTP and confirm with the partner

This is a temporary measure until the IP Proxy is supported within the Partner Feed Wizard and will need to be enabled for each Partner, as needed.