Experiments - Make Permanent Button

We have recently released a new function on our Experiments - this is where you can make the changed on your Experiments permanent. We are going to walk through how you do this and the effects.

Video Walkthrough:

Navigate through to the Experiments page:

Select the Experiment you want to End, or one that has already ended:

You will then see the Make Permanent button once the Experiment has ended:

This will then bring up the rule that it is going to apply to make your Experiment Permanent:

Hitting Apply Rule will then take you to the Rules page and show the rule it has applied, from here you can amend it if you would like:

It will also be grouped in your rules by Permanent Rule Applied filter so you can easily find this rule in the future

Your Experiment will also have a filter applied to it on the Experiments page to state that a Permanent Rule Applied:

This will enable you to be able to filter quickly to your Permanent Experiments from the sidebar at the top:

If you decide to amend or disable your experiment then you will get a pop up to confirm you would like to make this change

If a rule is disabled it will also mirror in the Experiments page as below: